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About the Author

Cassandra R. Melhuish is a NICU mom, wife, business owner, inspirational speaker and author.  Her NICU journey was 6 months after the premature birth (at 29 weeks) of her son.  Her son's NICU journey involved the numerous tubes, IVs, procedures, blood transfusions, surgeries, infections, IV burns, Ostomy's, therapies and so much more that are common with a journey through the NICU.  It was an emotional, 6 month rollercoaster ride that changed her life forever.  During that time, Cassandra walked away from her successful corporate career and became a stay-at-home mom so that she could be with her son in the NICU everyday.
Thoughout her journey, Cassandra started writing and talking to other current and former NICU parents in detail about their experiences.  She learned that although each journey is different (in length of stay, causes and outcome) the parents emotional state of mind is the same - whether that journey is 1 day or 1 year.  Each parent experiences the same emotional trauma and upset in their life and relationships. Thanks to her journey, Cassandra and her husband founded Sumo Baby Media LLC in order to provide inspirational and encouraging media to NICU parents (past & present) that did not exist when they were in the NICU.  Today, the couple has produced several www.LoveandHope.TV webisodes, a book, a calendar and Cassandra is writing her next book.
Their son, Dylan, is now in kindergarten and doing great thanks to the love and dedication of his parents.   Email me


About Sumo Baby Media LLC

'Sumo Baby' was the nickname given to Cassandra's son Dylan while in the NICU.  Dylan was born a tiny 3 lbs but due to his numerous sugeries, infections and complications he would swell up so big that he was unrecognizable as Dylan and became 'Sumo Baby' to his parents.