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To our Platinum Sponsor Hand to Hold, our Sponsor The Saving Grace Project and all of our Kickstarter supporters we published 200 books to help support NICU parents nationwide!

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Thank You for accepting your Special Invitation to preview the new book 'Love & Hope in the NICU'. You were selected to preview the book based on the wonderful work that you do in the NICU community. Please take a moment to review our new book because we would like to hear your thoughts and feelings about the book. After you preview the book, please provide us with your comments via the Contact page.

To begin your preview of the book, click once on the first image below and a larger image will open for you to review the entire book.

Please do not pass this link on to anyone else as this link was only given to those organizations and individuals that we extended this special preview invitation to.

Don't forget to provide us with your comments after you preview the book. If you would like to be more involved in supporting this book, you can pre-order your copies of the book here PreOrder

Thank you for your time and please tell everyone you know about the new book 'Love & Hope in the NICU'.