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To our Platinum Sponsor Hand to Hold, our Sponsor The Saving Grace Project and all of our Kickstarter supporters we published 200 books to help support NICU parents nationwide!

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Book Reviews

"Poignant and inspirational.  Being versed in your child’s care is extremely important, but new NICU parents also need encouragement.    Love & Hope in the NICU does just that while still being realistic with the challenges a NICU journey bring." ~Jackie Belin, The Saving Grace Project

"Amazing!  Very well done.  After every page I read, I stopped and thought to myself, someone currently going through the NICU journey will connect with what was just stated and it will mean something to them, whether in a big or small way.  This book is a must in every NICU and I hope every parent has the opportunity to read it and enjoy it."  Heather Townsend, Creche Innovations


"It was nice to read what I needed to hear without being overwhelmed."  Cindy - NICU Mom


"It made me cry because I remembered what it was like and how I needed to hear those words when I was in the NICU."  Janet - Former NICU Mom


"I just cried because it was so wonderfully written and struck emotions in me that I didn't know still existed."  Monica - Former NICU Mom


"Just what we needed during this time in our life."  Dan - NICU Dad


"I wish this book was available when my friends were in the NICU.  I would have bought one for me and one for them because it helped me understand a little of what they were dealing with daily. You think you know but you don't."  Kim - Friend to NICU Parents


"It touched my heart in ways I wasn't expecting..." Ellen - NICU Mom


"...it stirred up emotions that I had buried in order to get through the day.  It's time to heal the wounds...thanks for showing me that." Anonymous - Former NICU Mom